Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogger Friend

My buddy at work, Gary Luu, just started a blog. Check it out:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bobs and Dicks

I work with a number of Bobs, and their formal nametags always say "Robert". This got me to thinking: how the heck do you get Bob from Robert? Rob makes sense, that's fine, but Bob is just made up. I think all guys who want to be called Bob should have to change their names to Bobert.

Another peculiar name is Dick. Who the hell came up with the decision that a nickname for Richard is Dick? It makes no sense at all. I always look at a person who elects to be called Dick with a bit of concern and bewilderment. Dicks should have to change their names as well. Since Dick is too perverse to be a name in itself, all Dicks should be Dickards.

I here decree that Bobs are Boberts and Dicks are Dickards. Spread the word.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Same Sex Marraiges

Enough is enough! I didn't care so much in 2004, when Republicans used anit-gay propoganda to re-elect Bush, but now they've gone too far!

This article explains that Republicans who control Senate plan to vote on amending the CONSTITUTION to make gay marraige illegal (in all states). That would force all states to adhere to this law because federal laws have precidence over state laws. There's no reason for this legislature at all! Why is it so important to try to create this ruling now, you may ask. It's all propoganda to try to get conservationalist Republicans to get to the polls and vote so that they'll be ready for the next elections. How ridiculous is this???!!! In my mind, if this passes, the government will become the very tyranny that we claimed our independence from in 1776. I thought that the whole point of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was to grant its constituents freedoms, not make sure they never have them. I also believe that the Constitution's job should be to protect its citizens. But, what protection would banning gay marraige grant us? Homosexuals are all over TV and have become a part of our culture - a part of our culture that I find re-assuring. It's re-assuring to know that people won't be outcast or punished for being themselves. Homosexuality isn't hurting anybody, except those who can't accept it. It sickens me that our overbound Protestant population is so large that the real THINKERS in this country are overpowered by a bunch of biggots. Why not just go ahead and ammend the Constitution to be rid of the freedom of religion? If you're going to impose your beliefs on others, like you would with a gay marraige ban, then wouldn't it be much more to the point to just force everyone to be Protestant?

I will have lost all faith in our political system if this ban is EVER passed. To those of you who are reading this, please make it a topic of discussion and get the word out that they CAN NOT do this!

If this law passes, I will do everything in my power to try to get California to declare independence from the United States. I'm 100% serious. I will personally make it my life's work to fight against the despotism that is the United States Government. I'm not going to pretent like I'm a political expert, but I DO know right from wrong. And so should everbody else!