Friday, January 26, 2007

Classy Ladies

This weekend I was hanging out w/ Quinn. We were on our way to a restaurant and she wanted me to hold her purse. Now, I’m a moderately leveled gentleman, but I refuse to hold a purse for anything longer than ½ a block. Standing and holding a purse is not that painful, but walking with a purse should only happen in times where time is extremely important. Anyways, she gives me this line: “A real man is secure with holding a woman’s purse”. I’m not easily fooled by blatantly illogical propaganda, so I returned with “A classy lady takes it in the a$$”. I figured that since women everywhere were jockeying for men to do what they want that men should also petition for something equally ridiculous that women do not want to do. So, gentleman, the next time your woman tries to get you to do something that just doesn’t make sense, please remember these words.

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