Friday, November 09, 2007


I've heard of over-the-hill, but is there such thing as under-the-hill?

From my experience, it's been the general consensus that women in their twenties want men that are in their thirties. While it's awesome that I'm still getting better with age, I'm also feeling really impatient. I think that in general asian guys are 1-2 years behind the average white man; but personally, I think that I'm 2-3 years behind. While this means that I'll be getting better until I'm late 30's, early 40's, it also means that I have a hell of a long time to wait until my potential shows itself. I'm equivocally only 24. I should be dating undergrads.

I may have a while to go until I reach my statistical peak, but I think that I'm probably peaking compatibility wise right now. I'm bitter and jaded enough to be realistic about relationships, but still ignorant enough to be blindly optimistic. I'm mature enough to understand and think my way through situations, but I'm also immature enough to just make hilarious, out-of-line jokes to get me through. I'm stable enough to be in a relationship with and still unstable enough to have crazy experiences and take risks. I'm caring enough to consider a woman's needs and detached enough to be my own man.

The maturity thing is the worst. I can really feel myself going through a mental change. It pisses me off. I've always thought a lot in my life and had lofty goals, but now I'm in deep thought all day long (well, work doesn't count) and I can see the path to achieving my goals. For me this signals the death of my care-free life with shitloads of ridiculous jokes and entertainment. Those things will be replaced with regiment and always doing what's appropriate. Lately, I've even cringed at some of the jokes that I tell myself. I always think that I'm funny! I mean, just look at my last 3 posts! Not funny. Fuckin!!!

I'm pretty sure that in 3 years or so I'll be done with my MBA, more successful, better looking, and more mature. But, dude, I want the benefits NOW. I guess that's not realistic expectation though. It's like a woman in her 30's wishing to go backwards in time. Ha ha, you wish, lady. Maybe if you didn't look for guys in their thirties when you were in your twenties, then they wouldn't expect women in their twenties and you could date them nowadays.

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Chad said...

Hey Matt,
Why do you think Asian guys are 1-2 years behind white dudes? That is only true if you believe it's true.

Dude you can achieve happiness, but you can't expect that finding a perfect partner will make you happy. In fact if you are unhappy and find a perfect partner, you have a good chance of fucking it up because you were unhappy to begin with. We always lash out at the people closest to us when we're upset even if it has nothing to do with them. You know that's true. Also, i think ladies tend to gravitate towards cats that the get an upbeat vibe from. So focus on happiness, and by that i mean focus on things that make you happy. Visualize those things and then do them. Easy to say, hard to do, but hard just means hard, not impossible so get to it - before i have to come up there and fuck you up (how's that for motivation?).

I think that going for balance between crazy shenanigans and maturity is a better goal than to just go cold turkey on the shenanigans. I mean come on, really, i feel like a piece of me would die inside if i couldn't act a fool (at the very least) some of the time. That goes for all the 1005 cats. It doesn't mean that you can't be mature and businessy at other times. No person is one way all the time, we are complex and multi-layered, which means we can crank the soulja boy in the club and also have a business meeting with a VP in the same day. That's the beauty of not being a scarecrow and being a human with a brain.

Anyway dude, keep hope alive and i'll see you around Christmas i hope!