Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Own Personal Haven

One of the things that I really relish in my everyday life is going to the bathroom at work. There's no better feeling than the relief of going bathroom and knowing that you're getting paid for doing it. Only at work do I feel like I can truely take my time. When I'm at home I always think of what else I could be doing. But when I'm at work the only other thing I could be doing is working. I don't purposely try to take extra time or anything, but I have read 2 and a half books in there during the year that I've been working.

My affection for going to the bathroom at work got me to thinking about bathroom attendants. I think that they must feel the opposite of how I feel. Since the bathroom is their place of work, do they hate going bathroom at home because it's like working and not getting paid? I truely hope that attendants do not see this relaxing occasion as a painful event. If this relief can be seen as toilsome, then what's next, porn stars hating sex?

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