Thursday, May 11, 2006

NSA Collects Numbers Americans Call

Great, first the NSA (National Security Agency) is caught for wire tapping, and now they're dumb enough to let out that they've also been collecting phone numbers. Now, my reaction isn't that I'm upset because my privacy has been intruded upon or that I've been stripped of some non-existant rights, but, rather, that the NSA has fucked up and leaked that they have this info. They'll might as well personally e-mail all of the possible terrorists that they know of and give them a guide book on how to be more secretive. I'm not a paranoid person, but I assume that the government knows everything about me already. That's why I don't give a rat's ass that they possibly have a list of my phone call history. I mean, think about what the government ALREADY knows. I guarantee that they know your SSN, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, salary, investments, sexual preference, and probably even whether you prefer syrup or jelly. If those things aren't things to be scared about, then why would you give a shit about your calling history?

I know that citizens' rights activists arguement is that they are slowly taking away our freedoms, and where do we draw the line. Well, why don't we just make a law that states that the government can only use these means for terrorist related charges or as evidence for crimes at the felony level? There are plenty of "due process" laws where evidence can't be used against a defendant if it was acquired in an immoral manner. How do you guys feel about this "invasion" of privacy?

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