Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Stop Signs

As you all probably know, there are a lot of things done in this country that aren't done very well. I think that stop signs could use some improvement. Whenever you get to a four-way intersection, or whatever, you can't tell which directions have stop signs right away. You have to look for signs that could be hidden by trees or stuck in a strange spot where only the driver at that stop would notice it.

My solution for this problem is that I think that signs should indicate which other directions have stop signs. They could do this by having different colors at the sides where there are stop signs for other cars. For instance, at a four-way intersection where everyone has a stop sign, everyone's signs would look like this:

...and an intersection where only the person across from you has a stop sign would look like this:

Anyone else agree? The color could be something else other than yellow to offset the red.


Eric Jones said...

No one gives a rats ass about stop signs. Especially if you don't use them.

Jessica said...

LOL. I think this is brill. Really. But it also cracks me up...I don't know why.