Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Check For Babies

I'm not usually much of a humanitarian, but I think that time has finally matured me and I'm ready to start making contributions to society. When I started thinking of a worthy cause, I just searched my heart and discovered my love for children. So, I'm ready to live the rest of my life devoted to saving children. Here's my first effort:

I was watching Grey's Anatomy the other night and there was this guy who was pregnant. That thought was combined with my buddy Servando's loss of 4 pounds in a single day (so he says). The outcome of the two thoughts in my mind was that if it was possible for men to deliver, then maybe my buddy Servando gave birth. He thought that it might have been a big dump, but Servando, did you check your dump for a baby? Maybe there was a baby in there! You never know!!!

So, everyone, take this as a lesson: check your dumps for babies!

It gives me such a good feeling to know that I've probably saved hundreds of babies that otherwise would have just been flushed like dead goldfish.

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