Monday, April 11, 2005

10 Types of People I Hate Most (Cont)

Okay, time for me to stop slacking. Sorry to all (4 or less) people who have been coming to my blog and finding the same old stuff. I also wanted to make #2 and #1 really good and put some thought into who I really hate.

So, here goes:

2) People who are always wrong, but think that they're always right.
The loudest person you know is probably the stupidest as well. This person throws logic out of the window and replaces it with loud shouting or meaningless insults. This person thinks that "your mom" is a valid reply to any argument against him/her. I admit that I think that the occasional "yo mama" is appropriate to answer people's questions when they're asking too many questions, but I won't use it in serious debate. This person won't even budge when a room full of you all are trying to tell him/her that (s)he is wrong. You can not reason with this person. Some people have almost a unique sense of reality. No, Iraq did not cause 9/11, no, evolution is not a myth, no, not all asians are good at math and not all blacks are good athletes, no, that triangle scheme will not make you rich, no, women and men are not equal, and, no, Brad Pitt did not cheat on Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie (thanks to Quyen for this one).

This person is typically a testosterone filled idiot or a feminist moron, but can also be in the form of a normal person who tries too hard to be intellectual. You do your best to avoid these people, but they somehow hunt you down and you find yourself clenching a fist or thinking of ways to torture people, while still keeping them alive (sorry, I just watched Sin City). The macho pig is usually talking about how the sex was with some woman he never had sex with or else how much money he has in the bank when it's really in credit card debt. He thinks that women love it when you fart and wave it around and that an abused woman got what she deserved. The feminist cow is blirting out ridiculous claims like women's sports are catching up to men's sports, or that women don't need men anymore. The worst is the stupid intellectual. This person forces his/her way into cliques of smart people and jumps in a conversation when whatever (s)he saw on CNN that day comes up. Having no ideas or opinions of his/her own, the ideas that (s)he tries to pass on as original come out as a recording of the daily news...Wow, Bush saved us from the terrorist you say?...The US is helping things get better in Israel, really?...Yes, the KKK should be allowed to meet...I didn't know that the US is so loved around the world...What, Batman and Robbin saved the day again? Stop trying so hard to be smart. Just be how smart you are. I hate politics, and I'm ignorant about 1/2 the things that go on in the world. But I can admit that. I have my opinions, but I can give someone credit for proving me wrong. People who never think that they're wrong lose credibility. After that, nobody believes them, even when they're right.

I hate to do this again...but, to be continued...

At least I'll tell you #1. #1 is: The Man.

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