Monday, January 31, 2005

Poor Kid

I just felt the inclination to share a little something that happened that I thought was a bit funny today. I was in the grocery store getting some cereal to eat for dinner and I hear over the load speaker "Tim, your mom is waitinig for you in the front." I just got a flashback of all of the embarassing things my parents did to me growing up. Some guy must have been thinking the same thing because he said "Poor kid, that's embarrasing." But then I see this 40+ year old man running to the front with a jug of milk in his arm. It was Tim.

One embarrasing story that I can think of that was caused by my parents was the last time my girlfriend came to visit me and we hung out with them. They always remember stories of you in the most embarrasing ways. I swear that half of them are made up. Anyways, they recounted about how I used to suck my thumb until the 3rd grade and that they had to put a cast over my thumb to get me out of the habit. Of course, my dad throws in, "Yeah, and he sucked through the whole cast!" First of all, I don't think that's possible without causing some major health issues. Second of all, I distinctly remember dismantling that thing and throwing it in the trash. Girls used to think it was cute. I wonder if they would dig it today. Nah, it would probably be just construed into some weird Freudian oral fixation having to do with strippers, two goats, and a pirate named "Willie."

Anyone and everyone, please post the most embarrasing story your parents can't help but tell whoever you're trying to impress at the moment. Or else, tell a story about when they just embarrased you.

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