Saturday, January 08, 2005

I Got A Job!

Okay mom and dad, before you get excited, no- it’s not at Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, or Genentech. I got a job at Goodwill, where I’m doing my community service. I pretty much got jacked and was assigned 10 days (80 hours). Shit, I mean, drunk drivers get 2 days; people caught stealing get 60 hours.

The end result of my case of “possession of a prohibited item in a sterile area” charge was a plea bargain of 10 days community service and assignment into APPS. I took the plea bargain because I didn’t have the money to hire a private lawyer and I didn’t like the idea of possible jail time (what choice did I really have?). APPS is something where I have to watch a video and complete a workbook. I decided to work 8 10 hour days instead of 10 8 hour days, but it’s hella tiring. I work form 10am to 9pm. Goodwill isn’t a bad place to work at, but I thought that I might get a chance to work with senior citizens or problem kids. At least that way it would have made sense why I was put in that position- maybe I could have helped someone out and changed their lives. Now, this shit makes no sense to me again and the only fulfillment I get is that it opened my eyes to the world of Goodwill. Seriously, it’s like a whole different world. It’s a world where nobody is superficial or judgmental and you can get a “new” suit for $20. In this world, everyone can afford warm clothes and blankets. Books to read are 50 cents and Backstreet Boy CD’s are $2 (Oh joy!). Customers are friends and criminals are upstanding citizens. You can drop off a bag of T-shirts and claim them as however much you want in order to make sure you get your maximum tax break for the year. This place is so fantastic that you can now replace “shopping” with “working.”

Not that my experience has been a ball of fun. All day, you stand and rack clothes, shoes, dishware, records, electronics, appliances, furniture, bags, purses, toys, books, linens, ceramics, and whatever else is in a typical household. Good thing I’m not a germ-a-phobe because some things are plain nasty! Shoes have the expected funk, but the worst things are linens. Better check the sheets before you buy them because chances are there’s a poop stain right in the middle. Okay, I didn’t actually see poop stains, but there are definitely some unsolved mysteries appearing on these things.

I’ll write more about the whole (BS) judicial process in my next post.

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