Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Website Ideas

As mentioned before, the ultimate goal of my blogs is to create a website where people can discuss new and exciting topics and form a community bent on changing laws or ideals. I've tried to reserve a few names which I thought would be good for this website. I tried www.changethelaw.com, www.voiceofthepeople.com, and www.voiceyourself.com but all were taken. Actually, www.voiceyourself.net is available. Any suggestions as to what else I should try? You can go to www.godaddy.com to check availability.


Anonymous said...

1. onenationforchange.com (long, but i think it's pretty good)
2. powertothepowerless.com
3. mytwocents.com (i think this is taken)

if i think of more, i'll let you know.


Matt Lee said...

Thanks Rod. I've been thinking about your music lately and I want to hear some of that feel good sound. Got any more recordings? How much would it cost to put out your own CD?

Anonymous said...

yo. cost a bit of dough, but i'm saving up for it. i'm recording for free right now, which is really helpful because studio time is expensive - about $40 - $50 per hour. it's pretty exciting working on this though...