Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Multi-speed freeways

I figured that for my first REAL post, I have to write some important “shiz.” Actually, I wanted to write “shit”, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed. I guess I’ll find out now. I’d actually be pretty disappointed if it’s not because swearing is a really important part of expressing oneself and keeping with the true mood of the moment. On with the post…I have been ranting to my friends for months now about my idea that freeways should not have a single speed, but instead have multi-speed lanes. Each lane to the left of the previous one should be 5 mph faster than the one to its right, with the maximum speed reaching 80 mph. There are a few major reasons that I have thought of as why this should be so. First, multi-speed lanes will naturally stagger traffic and prevent the dangers and inconveniences of “pacing.” Second, it is an unwritten rule of freeways that the leftmost lanes are the “fast” lanes and the rightmost lanes are the “slow” (aka truck or senior citizen) lanes. Third, the speed limit is realistically to slow for modern times. And lastly, there would be less lane changing by drivers in order to find a lane with their preferred speed.

This post will be modified as I have time to write more. Feel free to comment at any time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I didn't want to go anonymous but I didn't want to create an account either. Congrats on the new weblog, I'm intrigued and will be one of your loyal followers.

Anonymous said...

matt,this is servs. I agree with having multi-speed freeways. There's always someone in the fast lane driving 65 when everyone else is driving 75-80 and think they have to right to drive at that speed because the speed limit is "65". Those people cause more accidents and traffic than the good they think they are doing by following the speed limit.