Friday, December 24, 2004

I'm Not a Terrorist

As some of my friends may or may not know, I was recently charged with a misdemeanor at Burbank Airport. My whole experience has been embarrassing, nerve-racking, ridiculous, scary, and angering. What happened is that there was a knife in my carry on bag that I did not know was in there - until airport security found it. For the legal types, it is Penal Code 171.5.b. The law states that I am guilty if I knowingly had the knife in my possession. The thing is that I, of course, did not know.

How the knife got in my bag without my knowledge is that just before the date the knife was discovered (10/11) I had recently moved from Davis, Ca to Pacifica, Ca. The only memory that I have of the knife is taking the knife out from underneath my bed where I stored it and throwing it into some pile of stuff. Somehow, that knife must have fallen into my travel bag that I always take to Burbank to visit my girlfriend. That is the bag that I always use, so I didn’t check the contents of the cosmetics compartment because they never change (let this be a lesson). They did not find the knife on my way down from Oakland (which I wish they did so I wouldn’t have to go to court in Burbank), so I ended up in Burbank’s courthouse.

So, great, I have to show up to court for this misdemeanor. Even better, I can’t afford a lawyer. I get a (80 something yr old) public defender who doesn’t give a crap if I’m innocent or guilty, just as long as she doesn’t have to work too hard. I just got back from trial this week and I’ll post the results of my trial in due time, but I want to first hear the opinions of others. What do you think was the outcome? What do you think should have been the outcome? What would you have done?

I’ll post in a weeks time.


Anonymous said...

what the fuck.. hahah knife huh. shit. u didnt tell me bout this shit. its jon btw.

Matt Lee said...

Yeah, I haven't told a whole lot of people. Pretty embarassing. Stay tuned.

Mike Giese said...

well, this is pretty crazy matt, that really sucks that this happened.
i don't really know much about the law, but if i were judge i would let you off.
you don't have a significant history of criminal action, and you seem like a pretty stand up guy.
but, i guess they're getting pretty strict with stuff like this, so hell if i know.
what happened?

Eric Jones said...

Damn fool we'll have to talk more about this in Davis Saturday night if you're there. I don't know enough about it but I'd like to here more of the details.